Company Operations

Independent Development Operations

Freeware Development

We aim to develop products that are both design and technically orientated, and that are perfected to the finest details, so that our user base can use the most suitable functions for a number of different situations.We have focused on removing the complicated and bothersome aspects of software-use to make our products as fun and easy to use as possible.For example, Sleipnir, the web browser designed to provide the best browsing experience for each individual user, being easily customizable and containing a vast range of skins and plug-ins.Also, FenrirFS, the program that filters and labels disorganized files, and then organizes them into an easy to find format.

iPhone Development

In order to provide iPhone users with smart and elegant iPhone applications, we at Fenrir have been developing a number of iPhone applications.We aim to provide applications which are ideal for use on an iPhone, being beautifully designed, functional and that have an easy to use interface.

Web Development

We at Fenrir also plan, develop and run a web page with a vast number of useful functions. Our web page, Sleipnir Start is blessed with a large user base because it has a simple design with a vast range of functions, and can be used with any browser.Because of the popularity of the iPhone/iPod Touch, there is an uncountable number of applications available.Slepnir Start makes finding the applications users want, a much easier and less time consuming process by filtering out only the most useful and suitable applications.


Sleipnir Start

We work in the joint development of native apps running on a number of different smart devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows8. We specialize in high design and technology, holding a development record of over 100 applications from general consumer apps to in-house company apps and hardware-linked apps.

We work in the joint development of Web apps using HTML5. HTML5 does not rely on the operating system or platform so can be used in different environments. Web apps solve the issues that can not be solved in native apps. We provide everything from UX specialized planning and designing to development based on our past development achievements through development of large scale Web services and converting apps from Flash to HTML5.

OEM Development Joint Development Operations

In addition to web browsers, we work on the development of OEM for a variety of different applications.We always aim to develop applications with a suitable design and the most suitable functions possible.We would like to thank our user base and everybody else who has supported us and continue to guide us towards our success.



Let's take out all your smartphone app development UX problems and fix them! We support designing for user satisfaction by conducting research using a number of methods such as usability testing, group interviews, business context surveys and more all from the point of view of the user.