FenrirFS 2 - If you are going to use iTunes, then use FenrirFS for file management.

Manage everything with labels in three easy to view display modes.

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For Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Release Notes

FenrirFS 2 Characteristics

Manage all files with labels

In addition to the original [Default Display],
[Wide Screen Display] and [Compact Display] have been added.
By the addition of display modes, it has been made possible to
check files such as images and PDF files immediately and then manage labels for them.

  • Add labels and order in one go

    Add labels and order in one go

    It is possible to oraganize and add labels to mutliple files at once by dragging and dropping selected files into labels.
  • Add labels by just using the keyboard

    Add labels by just using the keyboard

    Labels can be added to files by directly insert label names, just like editing file names.
  • Easy to search with the search option bar

    Easy to search with the search option bar

    It is possible to set the search area and commonly searched words in the smart folders. With this it is possible to find many more files.

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Immediately confirm using the preview screen.

By using Quick Preview,
it is possible to preview not just images, but also PDF and text files etc.
in a seperate window. Even if you do not open a file,
it is possible to preview it straight away.

Select and use the space key

It is not necessary to use another program with the file because it is possible to perform a Quick Preview in FenrirFS by just pressing down the SPACE key.

  • Preview music files and text files

    Preview music files and text files

    Files that can be previewed in Windows can also be previewed in FenrirFS.
  • Display at top

    Display at top

    It is possible to display the preview screen at the top. Because of this, it is possible to check images and play videos while performing other tasks.

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The easy to use Auto Sync Function

It is possible to automatically view the current status of files in FenrirFS using the auto sync function.
It is not longer necessary to add files manually.
Folders are also automatically labelled, reducing the burden to keep things in order.

Automatic synchronization mode profile

It is possible to use a profile where My Documents and other Window document folders and picture folders have been syncrhonized. It is also possible to select whether to automatically or manually synchronize when creating a new profile.

Automatically synchronize labels using folder names

If you set the folder used to upload photos from a digital camera, it becomes possible to automatically load even when using FenrirFS. It is also possible to have labels created automatically, seriously decreasing the burden.

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Other Functions and Characteristics


Work Tray

Added files are displayed in the worktray. By displaying files that you use often, in the worktray, it is easy to access files when necessary.


If you archive the files in the work tray, they move to [all files]. If you add a label or star before archiving it becomes extremely easy to find files afterwards.

Work Tray


Manage files that you do not want to move, such as files on a file server, by creating an [alias]. By using an alias, files can be managed in FenrirFS without moving the actual file.



Just like when adding tags to articles in a blog, it is possible to add classification tags called labels to files. There is no longer a need to worry about which folder to put a file in. Just manage your files with ease with colourful labels.

Stars and Comments

Stars and Comments

Stars and comments can be added to special files. It is possible to manage My Favourites and essential files by adding stars.


Smart Folders

It is possible to quickly access files that meet your conditions such as by file type or the date of use. It is possible to add smart folders yourself and then customize them.


It is possible to quickly search for files using the search bar. Searches are performed while typing because filtering and searching of files are performed on each input of a character.


Automatic Sorting Filters

It is possible to set various actions such as archiving and adding labels when adding a file by using the automatic sorting settings.

Keyboard Shortcuts

We have prepared a large variety of keyboard shortcuts. It is possible to customize these keyboard shortcuts from the keyboard settings screen in the environment settings menu.

Download FenrirFS (Free)

For Windows XP / Vista
/ 7 / 8
Release Notes