Switch tabs by just 1 flick: Accelerate your browsing on mobile. - Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad

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Switch tabs by just 1 flick: Accelerate your browsing on mobile. - Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad

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  • Sophisticated design for quickness
  • Intuitive gesture would catch your heart
  • Browsing feature for everyday use

Sophisticated design for quickness

For everyday use of web browser on iPhone / iPad, quickness which makes you comfortable is essential. You can open sites you want to see regardless whether you are home or not. You can search something even if you are in station or store. Our designers have designed Sleipnir Mobile with ingenuity, to achieve your quick access.

  • Operate tabs quickly

    On Sleipnir Mobile, you can switch tabs without going to another screen. Tabs with their thumbnails are visible anytime, only a tap is required to switch tabs.

  • Close a tab with just one action

    Pull down tab to close. One of unique features of Sleipnir Mobile, FlickWipe, enables to close tabs quickly whenever you want.

  • Open tabs continuously

    When you want to open link in a new tab, touch and hold the link text. By Hold And Go, you can open new tabs keeping the current tab active.

  • Protect tabs

    The fastest way to open a web page you often visit is to keep it open, not to add bookmarks. If you protect tab by double tap, it prevents the tab from being closed by mistake. Also you can close all tabs except protected ones.

  • Keep open in tab group

    We provide six tab groups which can be used to manage tabs. Of course you feel free to keep tabs open because Sleipnir Mobile uses memory effectively.

  • Save pages for offline browsing

    Save pages on your iPhone before you go where signals are weak. For example saving a page of a coffee shop for meeting, or a tourist information site, would be convenient.

Intuitive gesture would catch your heart

For those who want to operate browser more faster, Sleipnir Mobile has sophisticated, speedy, and unique gestures. You can switch, close and restore tabs dynamically by performing a gesture on web page screen. With Sleipnir Mobile, you don't have to try to touch tiny buttons.

  • Switch tabs by just 1 flick

    Flick horizontally to switch tabs. Continuous flicking brings you any tab quickly. You can find tabs easily, because contents of tabs become visible soon after you begin flicking.

  • Many useful gestures

    Sleipnir Mobile has various gestures. They allow you to browse more smoothly. For example, drawing L shape is assigned to "close tab". Without even touching toolbar, you can continue comfortable browsing.

  • Finely tuned gestures

    Gesture is a sensitive feature; A little difference would affect usability. Sleipnir Mobile has thoroughly tuned gestures which make browsing more precisely and comfortable.

  • Same gestures on desktop

    Gestures of Slepnir for Windows, Slepnir for Mac and Sleipnir Moblie are uniformed. You can use sophisticated gestures you are familiar with, even on desktop.

  • Gestures of Sleipnir Mobile

    Close Close all
    Reload Reload all
    Restore a closed tab Fullscreen mode
    Back, Forward

Browsing feature for everyday use

Any feature for quickness does not work if a browser does not complete basic web browsing features. Sleipnir Mobile has not only fullscreen mode, search in a page, password auto completion, but also a lot of features for smooth browsing.

  • Browsing in fullscreen mode

    When you toggle to fullscreen mode in action panel, you can see websites filled in the entire screen. Basic features of Sleipnir Mobile could be launched by gesture, without accesing toolbar.

  • Autocomplete of password

    Sleipnir Mobile completes your username and password once you used. If you have several accounts, Sleipnir Mobile completes the password after you input username.

  • File download

    Downloaded files are saved in Seleipnir Mobile. You can get those files via iTunes, or open in another application.

  • Open from other applications

    For example, if you want to open a link written in Twitter application, just copy link. Sleipnir Mobile running on background detects copied url and opens it.

  • Intuitive gesture would catch your heart
  • Browsing feature for everyday use

Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad

Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad

For Both iPhone & iPad

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