Saitama Prefecture


This is an app that offers useful parenting information for residents of municipalities across Saitama.

Useful information for parents such as kids events and subsidy schemes

This is an app that offers useful parenting information including events and subsidy scheme in line with the different lifestyles in a timely manner. It also works as a mom&dad priority shop card to offer great deals.

An evolved app, now linked to external services

This was developed as a spin-off of an existing app, "Saitama Smartphone App Pocket Book Maitama." It allows for a dynamic layout just like Maitama as well as linked with external services including digital maternal handbook to better support parents.
Pocket Book Maitama-smartphone app for Saitama prefecture

What the desiners said…

A new character to better engage parents

We introduced a new key color to signify that Hagutama app is a new spin-off from Maitama. A new baby character now joins an existing character to add a bit of freshness to the design which is also used as the app icon.

What the engineers said…

Design that prevents Hagutama-exclusive functions interfering with the original app

As this was developed based on the existing Maitama app, we made sure that the functions exclusive to Hagutama not interfere with the original, including switching between municipalities, menu tree updates, etc.