SnapCrab for Windows Instantly capture with a click of the mouse.

Just click, it's simple.

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Supported for
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
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Features of SnapCrab for Windows

Select your photo method by the usage

SnapCrab for Windows is a screen capture software that can take images of anywhere on your
desktop and then save them in PNG, JPEG or even GIF format.
You can freely capture the full-screen, and specified windows and areas.
Furthermore, you can also capture web pages from your browser by linking through Sleipnir.

Capture the whole screen or an area of your choice

Capturing is simply controlled by just clicking the icon in the tool bar. Linking with Sleipnir makes it possible to also capture web pages. You can also combine a variety of settings in the settings area to capture the way you want to.

Beautifully capture translucent windows

Capture even the translucent window of Aero Glass with shading included. With this function to not include the background in the capture, there is no need to clean up your desktop to take a perfect capture.

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Connect with Facebook or Twitter, Evernote

With SnapCrab for Windows you can directly post
captured images to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, or save them to Evernote.
Don't let the [I want to show everybody] or [I want to record this] feeling escape!

Connect Whenever

Once you have set your account information for Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Evernote, there is no need to fill in any annoying login information later on.

Share Instantly

The processing from capture to upload can be performed in one go. This makes sharing captured images instantly possible.

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Just click, it's simple.

A variety of functions can be executed quickly with just a click of the mouse.
Images can be easily generated with minimal effort, from trimming to saving,
without the need to use another application.

  • Share Instantly

    Preview Window

    Preview the captured area in magnified view. With this, it is possible to edit very precisely, removing the need to perform trimming afterwards.

  • Preview Window

    Self-Timer Function

    By using the self-timer function, you can take pictures at the timing of your choice while using your mouse or keyboard.

  • Self-Timer Function

    Save Automatically

    Files are automatically saved as PNG files on capture, so you can continuously take photos one after another.

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Other Functions and Features

Detailed Settings

Assign with Hotkeys

Capture functions can be assigned to hotkeys. By registering functions you use often, you can can speed up your work.

Switch between Resident Mode

Reside the program in the tasktray or set it to run on startup. Remove the burden of manually starting it up, and capture when you want to.

Edit the Self-Timer Count

Edit the total seconds to countdown from. Even when the timer is counting down, the shutter can be closed by pressing the Ctrl key, so you can take photos at the timing of your choice.

Save Images

Set the Save Destination and File Name

File names can be inputted when saving, and save destinations can be set in advance, so even when capturing in bulk, there is no need to order files afterwards.

Shrink and Save

Set the size and ratio, and then saved automatically shrunk images. Because the sizes of the images taken will all be the same, this function is extremely useful for creating documents and posting on blogs.

Color Pick

Detect any color on the screen

Any color on the screen can be detected. Using the coordinates of the mouse cursor, RGB values and custom color values can be obtained.

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Supported for
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Release Notes